• Unlimited resources for GPU rendering. Hundreds instances with 4-8 GPUs GPU can be involved in rendering instantly.

  • Low price,For example,a PC with Nvidia Geforce 1070 GPU card will cost about 0.6 cent/OBh(OctaneBench per hour),comparing to minimal 3.0 cent/OBh on the market.

  • Strict security for the customer`s information. Business partners are assessed for security and sign NDA with custorners. All data transfers are encrypted using TLS and dedicated pubilc key infrastructure.

  • Compatibility with 3D drawing software, including 3D Studio Max,Autodesk Maya,C4D,Houdini…

  • Compatibility with rendering farm manager, including Deadline,Afanasy,Qube!,SquidNet…

  • Compatible with Linux GPU rendering, including Octane,V-Ray,RedShift…

  • Integrated data storage capabilities. There is also a built-in p2p efficient data transfer component optimized for multicast downloads

  • Construct the infrastructure of P2P rendering market.


  • Rendering jobs require a large amount of data to be downloaded to a remote PC in order to perform rendering. Professional files have a file size of approximately 30 GB or even 100 GB. Servers are distributed around the world, and their Internet connectivity is poor, so downloading scene data and performing rendering can take a long time. In addition, the scene data of all PCs involved in rendering is identical, so peer-to-peer content transfer technology can solve this problem.

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