Data development platform

Date development platform:

1.Login the website,create account

  • Sign up for an account using your mobile phone number, which is the only identifier

After registering the mobile phone number, it is suggested to improve the personal user information

To change the phone number, you need to verify the original phone number or the id card in the original account

2.New project

click"New project",Fill in the task name, select the jar package, select the data source, fill in the entry function class, and click the "new"

Data file:wordcount.txt


Enter the task view interface, fill in the file size and Reduce quantity, and click "run"


After the task is running, you can view the log status in the log box, and you can view the progress in the progress box


When you're done, you can view the results in the results TAB, or you can click the link to download the file locally

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