Data processing

Gravity supports most common big data computing frameworks, heterogeneous computing networks, CPU devices such as ARM, x86,PowerPC, and other devices, as well as networking of mobile devices and PC Sever devices


  • A large number of computing resources include: CPU, GPU, DISK

  • Lower cost than traditional cloud computing

  • Compatible with traditional big data components(HDFS、Spark、Kafka、Hive、Presto)

  • Provides a GRAVITY-BIGDATA component that computes a larger scale, including:

    G-PMR :Decentralized mapreduce framework, support for larger computing scale, cross-regional and cross-platform scheduling

    G-FLINK:A streaming computing framework that supports complex Event Processing


  • Due to the decentralized architecture, which limits the stability and computational performance of network connections, users with high stability requirements can provide network guarantees through proprietary VPC services

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