Comouting Power Providing

(Update :2019/1/25)


Gravity uses idle resources to provide a general computing engine for big data computing business through P2P network.

Computing power providers can provide personal idle resources (including PC, public clouds on idle resources, mining machine, mining pool, etc.), join the Gravity force resource market, according to the different resource types, receive and run different types of computing tasks, through calculate calculate market forces of supply and demand matching, calculate contribution to the force of nodes will automatically get the corresponding returns.

As the computing provider of Gravity platform, the following steps are required for installation and setting


Android device(Android6.0 and above)

Linux/Unix (need the Java runtime environment, JRE1.8)

WindowPC/WindowServer(need the Java runtime environment, JRE1.8)

Master-account settings

All computing providers should use the Ethernet address as their unique identifier.This address is called the "main address" and is used for:

  • address to which token tokens inspired by Gravity are received (market intelligence contracts send tokens obtained from user-provided resources to Gravity)

  • link personal data certificate, transaction statistics, contact information, etc

  • as the user's asset account in Gravity

Computing power provides equipment

Including but not limited to:


Please do not forget to back up KEYSTORE or WHALL WALLET.If the keystore is lost, your funds cannot be accessed.


  1. What can you do with the force provided

    Gravity users idle computational resources to form heterogeneous computing network, which can complete video rendering /MapRduce computing/resource distribution and other tasks.

  2. How do heterogeneous computing networks network

    Gravity connects the devices that join the cluster through P2P network at the bottom of Gravity, and dynamically adjusts the roles of cluster nodes through Gravity's scheduling algorithm to adapt the network topology and enhance node connectivity.

  3. Provide the benefit of computational power

    Gravity stimulates calculation providers through token, and can buy Gravity's services through token.

  4. The requirement that provides computational force

    Gravity currently supports Android devices /Linux devices /WinPc to run Gravity software package to join the network to provide computing power to get token

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