About Gravity

What's Gravity

Gravity provides a Shared Computing Engine that combines spare mobile phones, Smart Device, PCs, and other devices into a large computing cluster.Make full use of idle resources so that resource sharers can get incentives in the blockchain value network of mutual trust.While providing the computing engine, it also provides the data exchange mode based on Shared computing, and the DAAS data service mode of data + algorithm + service is utilized to ensure the computations on the chain of user data flow can be audited and traceable.

Gravity has a full-platform (Mobile/x86/ARM) computing network that provides a wider range of computing platforms, allows users to do a wide range of tasks from rendering to big data processing, and has a cheaper solution than the centralized cloud.


  • Gravity works on building a decentralized data calculation and exchange engine.

  • With data center, mobile device, household PC storage and idle computing power, idle computing power can be formed into a unified computing network through mixed resource scheduling and virtualization programs, providing ultra-low-cost computing services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Sharing calculation based on heterogeneous P2P network enables computing power demander to obtain a wider range of computing power from other users' intelligent devices or mobile terminals, so that data can be generated at the terminal and collected and calculated to avoid a large number of data migration.

  • Shared computing network uses block chain to share account-books and intelligent contracts, which can be traced and audited throughout the process, and establish a credible data exchange system.

Major client

Gravity's main users are computing power demander and computing power provider.Computing power providers provide individuals with computing resources to perform tasks to gain motivation.People in need of computing power can obtain cost-effective computing power resources to complete a variety of services, as well as more flexible solutions

Computing Power Provider

A miner can use Gravity anywhere in the world, or any type of smart device, to join a Gravity comouting network and generate revenue by providing computing resources

  • application for lease

  • download and install

  • receive tasks

  • complete the task

  • gain revenue

Computing Power Demander

Small and medium-sized enterprises that need computing power use Gravity instead of centralized cloud service to obtain task results with a high cost performance ratio.

  • select resources

  • place an order to complete the transaction

  • start the task

  • get the task results


  • video rendering

  • big data processing

  • supply chain finance

  • utilization of traditional data center resources

  • personal computers for rent

Main technical features

  • Shared computing power

  • data interchange

  • MapReduce

  • heterogeneous P2P computing

  • data service

  • GVT incentive

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