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Shared computing and data exchange

Overall architecture

Our team

Development route

Application scene

01.Calculation power

  • Mine field
  • ARM equipment inventory
  • Traditional data center resources
  • Spare phones
  • 02.Data application

  • Decentralized complex model calculation of Supply Chain Finance
  • Volunteer calculation for scientific experiments
  • The establishment of tertiary data exchange platform based on Gravity
  • Providing ultra-low cost data platform for small and medium enterprises
  • 03.Other scene

  • Proprietary cloud
  • Graphics rendering on GPU
  • Distributed crawler
  • CDN
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  • High Availability

    Heterogeneous P2P resource management, large-scale distributed scheduling network, Calculate the nearest position of the data,More redundant nodes.

    Data Security

    Hardware-based TEE trusted computing, data encryption storage, can not be attacked during computing, Combined with Big Data computing framework, and at the same time solve data computing scale and security issues.

    Low Cost

    Cloud Computing Business Model in asset-light, making full use of idle resources, low cost, and sharing business dividends with the community.


    Cloud services with Microservices and Serverless Architecture, graphical big data processing platform, compatible with Hadoop ecosystem, easy migration and integration.

    Big Data Computing

    Supports MapReduce computing framework at the real edge, including Android phones.

    Comparing benchmarking Google’s Federated Computation (FC), FC is expected to be released by the end of 2019. and we have launched Test Network.

    Token Incentive

    The Computing Power Provider recorded the contribution in the blockchain through Gravity’s PoTA certification and can be redeemed for cloud services in the future.

    PoTA is a Verifiable Computation implementation based on a probabilistic verifiable model using a consensus mechanism of trusted hardware TEE. The main chain is a PoS+PBFT consensus agreement to establish a stable and sustainable ecological governance model.